Slam bam thank you ma’am!

Kudos to everyone who slammed this year first off.

All yr long I debated about whether or not I wanted to slam and finally at the last second I decided I could’t live w/o one more yr of devoting my entire summer to it.

I have 3 reasons for slammin…

1. What else will I do with my summer

2. 2 poets who I have to spend a week with in Madison

3. My reason for not slammin with San Antonio last year was elimanated… so no bad vibes to screw up our team dynamic.

Apirl 8, 2008 San Antonio slam finals and the results are in…

David Hendler Slam Champ 1st (woo woo)

Monique and Amanda Flores tie for 2nd

Vocab Andrea Sanderson slid into 3rd by the skin of my teeth

It was really rough I must admit cause I did a brand brand new poem third round talkin I just wrote it a week in ago… very controversial and complete departure from anything I would normally write, but it was an issue I have been very passionate about. It entitled It Takes Two

I had to go first in the last round and that wasn’t easy… But I figured if I made it all the way to the last round I stood a good chance of making the team and they always take all the third round poets to nats for SAN ANTO… I can honestly say Shaggy takes really good care of us.

Difficult alot of political stuff was read and things I thought would score higher first round didn’t make the cut.

I have a love hate relationship w/ slam. I love seeing people bring their best to the stage and perform in high energy situations, but having ur work scored scale of 1-10 and have some judges rip ur heart out… is the rough part YIKES!!!

It’s gonna be amazing and maybe after this I will take a freakin break and find something else to do with my stinking summer… OR NOT. Depends on what cool place nationals is in next year.

I hate the fact that I can’t support my local slam more but between scheduling off for gigs and family issues I burn alot of my off time. So I gotta perserve it for mandatory things. So far for this fiscal year I have been so good… I haven’t called in since August of last year and I am tryin to make a year with no call ins at my job.

I could ramble on and on… but nobody is reading this anyways

Peace God bless Poets

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