Capture the Moment

Blog a mania what words could I say to fill the page? Hmmm Well :

I was reading an online article that said teens today are placing an extremely high value on celebrity and notoriety. Websites like myspace, face book, street cred, photobucket, tagged, black planet… have created this sort of craze with having an ode to ourselves, for ourselves honoring ourselves.

True we all want to remember our memories (that sounds silly) that we are constantly creating. Seconds pass and life becomes history right before our eyes. BUT then I stopped to question myself… Are we really that sentimental?
I think people are damn near forgetting how to spend time with each other. LIVE IN THE MOMENT

For instance: I am with you spending time with you, but I am texting someone else, or answering my cell phone calls from other people…too busy trying to take pictures of the moment we are in, instead of just looking around and enjoying the sites and sounds. We are so devastated when we don’t have our electronic gadgets or miss a picture perfect opportunity to say cheese. How can we capture the moment if we aren’t in it?

Just like all the reality t.v. shows some of them I like you know but how far and what all will we do for our 15 mins??

The extremes are getting way more extreme. It is like in front of the camera or on the computer we become this whole different person inside of this made up world full of html codes and glamorized hype. But if you remove all that stuff are we afraid to admit that this crap isn’t really that interesting. SO we move along to the next best thing. Because these graphics have lost their fizzle and pizzazz. But life isn’t graphics and design… it is breath and seconds that will never return no matter how many pictures we take.

Okay how depressing it that?? And you know what I am guilty as sin and innocent as charged. Don’t be so busy creating an image that you lose yourself.

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