The Haunting

Contemplation is like a cancer… (first line of poem)

I think I may have super powers ladies and gentlemen allow me to explain.

So this thing I have been able to do most of my life (I blame God) I can have a conversation about someone I haven’t talked to, or seen in ages and/or have a deep moment of contemplation about them (deep contemplation mind you like a 4-5 min. focused thought time) and then they will show up within the next week. Out of the blue just show up. As if I summoned them through seance. But they aren’t dead. I get to tell them, “I was just thinking about/talking about you.” THis has happened to me most my life so with some of them… I literally look for these people to pop back up, but every once in a while it freaks me out when they come back around. LOL WOWSERSS!!

Now I will stop talkin in code and tell you what I mean. THe past month or so I have had a few guys come back to haunt me from my past AND whopping total of 5 men try to gain entry or REgain entry into my life from relationships I have closed the door on. FIVE DAMN MEN!!

Now normally this would seem impressive, but right now I am trying to figure out: God what are you trying to tell me teach me from this experience?? I am frustrated, lonely, out of sorts, saddened. WHY?? Because I would love to be in a relationship. Unfortunately, all these specimens are completely unacceptable. Four out of Five of them want me to be the other woman… the other I don’t know what he wants just yet cause I won’t let him in far enough to find out. Him I sware I summoned him through conversation cause I for real was just talking about and thinking about him the day before he popped up with a text msg. I didn’t even know he had my number.

Why am I being haunted by these brothers?? Heck if I know. But it is highly irritating. So I started writing a poem about it which I don’t have on me otherwise, I would post it… I can’t bring myself to finish the poem. But it makes a strong statement in just a few sentences about how I am feeling inside at the moment. Not Good. Why all the capital letters because I am YELLING!! but not at you the reader. ha ha.

I am taking advice about this but umm I can elaborate to anyone who wants a background story on this “manifestation of living apiritions.” BOO!!

Thanks for reading

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