Sugar Cubes

*So I felt the need to explain the reason for me writing this poem before you read it… I feel lately I been seeing people fall into alot of deception religiously with all the unmasking of cults and occults.
Aware of it or not lots of new age thinking and books have come out through various people such as Oprah and/or all the Scientologist out there… all of it very deeply rooted in mystic mind sets. I am not here to debate on whether they are true or not… but by the time u finish reading my poem you will know where I stand. SO I thought to write this poem. Be Careful ladies and gentlemen on your quest for truth… don’t to get caught in the pitfalls of deception. LOve u lOTS!!
Sugar Cubes

Illusions taste like sugar when you stir them into a steaming hot cup of lies. So I was that sucrose sucker. Licking crystals particles from the crevasses of my lips and savoring this diabetes fix for the untrue… Wanting to familiarize myself with the taboo in you. Extract the hidden elements from forbidden… see all the attributes that make up your recipe.
Discover your potency.
You were too omnipotent for me.!! So I wanted to break you down chemically
like mitosis
compound from compound through cellular decomposition,
until only a singular atom remained.
Then I wanted to thread you throughout my DNA
needle point sown into my strains
just to reflect your deity mimic
bleeding stigmata scars and all.
Just because I was dejected from heavens gate as falling stars.
My power was perforated and torn away at the seams.
I merely dream of the ascension to ascertain the gleam of your shine.
But you stripped the cosmos from mine
like sharpening razor blades on leather hide. Scrapped my skin aside stuck my spirit in formaldehyde sealed tight in glass.
So I weep suspended in float saline screeching against my eyelids like tires on wet asphalt.
I keep telling myself it’s not my fault that my temper has become the San Andres Fault Line stretching out over rippling topography of my emotions and face.
Unstable and destructive from the vileness of my shifting quakes.
Failure for me is never facing your wrath.
So I could spend centuries bending the truth trying to counteract your aftermath. Calculate your perfected precision to become the subdivision of your legacy.
This fructose fantasy tastes like honey to me.
I’ve got syrup dripping off my silver teaspoon like leaky tenant building faucets.
You deposit the composite photos in my memory of the archangel I used to be.
Gabriel’s trumpet don’t come round here to serenade me.
The war holy is still raging.
Deception drizzles my thoughts like iced glaze frosting.
You scream in every fixture of my psyche,
until the lights go off and I fade to darkness.
ou spill sacraments on my wounds just to gather the departed.
I was once the closest to you; and now I am the furthest from you transforming into a confectionary con-artist with occult voodoo.
Whispering death in a dress and she dances so seductive to my song.
I am the minstrel of decadent lies carousing the people along.
Poking them with a pitch fork cattle prong,
until sugar caramelizes into their seared flesh.
I appeared as a luminous being bathed in innocence.
Then I administer mirages in the form of morsels for mass consumption sweet as sugar cubes. Illusions dissolve in the cup of life ’til they believe my bitter brew.
I boiled a kettle full of lies, but they were really begging for a beverage of truth.

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