Sept 13th 2nd Verse

Greetings Loved Ones,
I just wanted to thank everyone that came out to make The Official opening of 2nd Verse a success!! We were packed with standing room only our opening night… despite hurricane and evacuations. The turn out was a blessing from on high and Glo, Kinton, and I are overjoyed by the response from the community.
God held the rain from San Antonio but words flooded our souls and the wind of wisdom blew from poetic lips with ease. Special thanks to DJ Scef, Element 615, Edwin, and Angie G for enduring the possible threat of bad weather to be with us from out of town. Shout out to our microphone “virgins” Camille and Liz for enduring the jitters and speaking from your soul. Kudos to my band Midnight Radio for gracing us with music AND with the accompaniment of Rene Ford on saxophone I would venture to say we rocked the house soulfully. In no particular order this is what happened:

Midnight Radio opened the show with our new song Belvedere, and Angel:


T.S. Alex (FIRST ON THE MIC did 2 pieces from his respective chap books)
Chailyn Kavi 2 poems brand new piece about becoming a fire fighter and love poem
Edwin Deleon did a piece thank you for the good male energy on the mic
Edwin (from ATX)
Element 615
Glo did her piece ‘her house smells like death’
Kiri did her piece about loving poetry
Liz did 2 pieces gave a shout out to Chipotle
Camille gave us a bit about friendship and the lack thereof
Vocab Give me Jazz
Zach gave us two poems about music and jazz
Scef performed Brown Boys
Midnight Radio did a set to take us into a fun filled intermission
And we came back for a couple more poems from out of towners and
Chris Ford gave us a piece about his father
Then Midnight Radio came back and gave 2 more songs to close the night

*If I left anyone off this list of performers please forgive me because, I don’t have the open mic list in front of me to refer to it…

Join us October 11th for the next installment of 2nd verse.

Thank you Mel Williams for allowing us into crowd up your venue
16535 Huebner Rd San Antonio TX. Winestyles
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