2nd Verse Oct. 10th Recap

October 10 was another successful night of poetry under our belt. SO far so good!!
2nd Verse has become the answer to my prayers, supplication, and intercession all that WOOSAA! I must say again how good it is to have a local poetry spot I can come to and feel at home. No drama just good vibes and love.

Tonight we still had a packed house despite having to move our regularly scheduled program to a Friday night… further proving that San Antonio loves it’s poetry.

So here’s How, Who and What of the night in no particular order:

I (Vocab) kicked off the show accompanied by Zach on the drum with Speak of Woes.
Chris Ford read 2 and came back later with another piece later in the night
Zach read 2
Vunique read an excerpt from her up and coming book and came back with a short piece
Candice read 2 and man she was preaching to me with that second poem
Monique (Purobaby!) read 2 and came back for 1 more later in the night @ my request
Glo with A Womans Scorn ( I love that damn poem)
Isis Blue came through and did Cooley High Harmony still love it!!

Hill who I haven’t seen in years gave us 1 poem
Kiri dressed to the nines gave us 1 poem
Black Lotus (from H-town) gave us 3 pieces in total and got the standing ovation!! WOO
W.C. came up and did an impromptu piece with a “male muse” at her side modeling
Supa the “male muse” did a song called Passion after he finished being eye candy lol
C.W. Deuce our other other white poet hit the mic w/ a poem on a palm pilot high tech!
Kinton (even hit the mic wow!! I been waiting to hear you again)
I (Vocab Andrea whateva)closed out the show at the end of the night with one last poem.
*Midnight Radio came thru and unveiled a new song and new cover tune as a part of our set!

So when it was all said and done we had 15 poets with about 21 poems and two musical sets WOW WHAT A NIGHT. And to think I was so nervous cause when I started there was only 5 poets on the list and 1/3 of a crowd by the middle of the first poem the room was full and so was the list. I swear people came out of no where ha ha.
See you next month November 8th for another addition of 2nd Verse.

16535 Huebner Rd. Suite 112
San Antonio, Texas
Free for out of town performing poets.
Blessings see you soon!!

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