Broken Circle

“silence and panic are synonymous. lashes flutter, heart beat stutters, a collective internal gasp… a frozen moment burned into my mind.” -Vocab

So this is my status statement on facebook right now and this moment describes how my sisterhood circle was broken. Names will be omitted to to protect identities. Here goes…

There I was sitting at Jim’s about 4 a.m. Saturday night going into Sunday. My 4 closest female friends that live in the city and I were all eating out after dancing and celebrating my bday. I kept feeling like all night that the night would end disastrously even though lovely moments had occurred throughout… nothing could prepare me for the glass shattering rock that would break the beautiful image of lovely female bonding before me.
I had just been basking in the glow of warmth that friendship brings when out of the box… one of my friend looks up from her phone and drops the proverbial bomb.
She announces to the table that she has been receiving texts from a guy and he was “getting fresh with her.” Only problem is the guy is already involved with another one of my other friends that is sitting at the table.
My response to the bomb dropper “___(insert her name)___ let’s go have a talk.”
She then to twist the knife in a little deeper she repeats her statement to the table about old boy getting fresh. She then hands me her phone so I can review the texts. All eyes on me dead silence. I am panicking scared out of my mind trying to deciphere the exchange.

it’s at this point that I will tell you that all night there has been friction and tension between my 2 friends. I mean he(the dude getting fresh) was there earlier in the night and rock thrower was kinda flirting with him. Which was making my other home girls head spin. Plus the 2 had exchanged some sharp words over whose present (my bday gifts) was better and more personal. I think it goes deeper for my home girl that was texting. Perhaps my girl that was getting the texts feels slighted, threatened, bruised ego about whatever. Who knows what can make emotions rise like yeast.
All I know is that she waited to just the right moment to strike with the ultimate blow. Ending all of our evening sourly.

I know beyond a doubt that we can never have the strength and beauty we shared back again. Power and strength lies in women uniting and it’s unfortunate that a man ended up coming between them. Funny thing is I think he was just a pawn and g.friend number 2 wasn’t even interested in him. He was used because she knew it would hurt my other friend so much to know he was stepping out on her.

Now as for me, I have some evaluating to do. Some decisions to make. Maybe some friendships to end. That particular double cross was taken very personal on my part. Even though it wasn’t directed at me I keep thinking: If she is capable of doing that to her. What would she do to me if opportunity presented itself?

Sadly there is even more to this story than I am telling but it’s getting a lil long so I will cut it short here.
I have done some crying and a whole lot of sad sleeping over this situation.
I can’t stand a broken circle.

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