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Because Cousin Sarah asked me to

Dear Cousin Sarah… You asked me to blog and gave me the warmest hug at Neo Soul a week ago so this blog is for you. NOT ABOUT YOU, BUT FOR YOU… Keeping with the metaphor of my last poem I decided to extend it to another topic. Maybe I will have a whole Sugar...


Sugar Cubes

*So I felt the need to explain the reason for me writing this poem before you read it… I feel lately I been seeing people fall into alot of deception religiously with all the unmasking of cults and occults. Aware of it or not lots of new age thinking and books have come out through...


The Haunting

Contemplation is like a cancer… (first line of poem) I think I may have super powers ladies and gentlemen allow me to explain. So this thing I have been able to do most of my life (I blame God) I can have a conversation about someone I haven’t talked to, or seen in ages and/or...


Capture the Moment

Blog a mania what words could I say to fill the page? Hmmm Well : I was reading an online article that said teens today are placing an extremely high value on celebrity and notoriety. Websites like myspace, face book, street cred, photobucket, tagged, black planet… have created this sort of craze with having an...


Slam bam thank you ma’am!

Kudos to everyone who slammed this year first off. All yr long I debated about whether or not I wanted to slam and finally at the last second I decided I could’t live w/o one more yr of devoting my entire summer to it. I have 3 reasons for slammin… 1. What else will I...

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